Guangzhou XianZhiYuan

Food is not safe= endangering the health                                       of the people
In order to pursue greater interests, this society is full of flavors and preservatives, and the health of the people has become a social topic!
In this society, there are really not many enterprises that do conscience food, and being able to eat organic food has become a kind of high-end consumption, so what about the tens of thousands of people around us?
Xianzhiyuan, as a leading brand of quick-frozen food in China, relies on the advantages of the whole industry chain, insists on making frozen green food eaten by its newcomers, and sends health to thousands of households.
Care for you and your family from the moment you choose Xian Zhi Yuan.
Really be organic in the whole process.
Strictly abide by the whole process from planting to deep processing and standardized production, and then to the hands of the people.
Ecological planting
Raw materials in the planting process, never use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth regulators, transgenic seedlings or antibiotics, follow the natural law and ecological science.
Pure processing
International high-tech equipment is produced in strict accordance with international high standards.
Products do not exceed the amount, beyond the scope of the use of food additives and non-edible substances, antibiotics and other harmful substances to human health
quality assurance
Clean production workshop, production line and quality control are strictly controlled to ensure the safety of every factory.
Convenience of Quick Frozen Food
Natural ecology, refreshing, emerald color
Nutritious and healthy, do not need to clean, directly into the pot cooking, you can enjoy delicious food
The fruit is big and fat
Full emerald green