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Focus on organic only for food safety
Delve into innovation, just to lock up the new!
Guangzhou Xianzhiyuan Ecological Cold chain Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the national vein and people's livelihood, adhering to the business philosophy of "leading science and technology and winning trust with sincerity", and relying on its own scientific research strength, determined to become an integrated operator of intelligent fresh-keeping and ecological warehousing and logistics.
Division I independently owned 8 invention patents and 10 new practical technology patents for product transformation and application upgrading, innovating the "intelligent ecological fresh-keeping technology" with liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant source, through a strong technical team and advanced service concepts, bring the most advanced ecological fresh-keeping technology at home and abroad to every project and product. Provide customers with intelligent warehousing management, professional fresh-keeping logistics services, is a collection of scientific research, production and sales as one of the innovative enterprises.